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EE557Sp08 Course Page
EE579Sp08 Course Page

 EE579Sp08 Course Page  

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Are you a true programming geek? 

Do you want to know how to program cell phones and what it takes to develop an end-to-end mobile application?
EE579 is a brand new course that focuses on programming mobile devices. 

Registration: Course registration is by instructor approval only. 

First pre-register at and we will inform you about course enrollment.
Additioal Course Related Informatio for the week
Syllabus Here is the course syllabus  
Week 1 Lecture 1 on Introduction to Mobile Platform, Cell Techonlogies and Overview of the Class Lab & Discussion 1 Preparation Materials
Assigment1 on Hello World Midlet
(Note all students are expected to finish the necessary tasks listed in the above document before attending the Friday Discussion)

For those who did not get to class here is a screenshot of what we did in discussio. The screenshot is zip. So save and extract the zip to watch the video.
Week 2 Lecture 2 on Introduction to Bluetooth and JSR 82  Assignment2 on Bluetooth & Social Networking
Week 3 Lecture 3 on Introduction to MMAPI and Gaming API Assignment #3: MMAPI (OR) GAMING
Week 4 Lecture 4 on 2D Gaming and Push Registry  Assignment#4: SVG Animation
Week 5 Lecture 5 on Location API (GPS)  Assignment#5: GPS
Week 6 Lecture 6 on Webservices and Databases
(note that this is a zip file containing several screen shot videos on how to create web services and database interfaces. Some of this is trivial but for those who are uninitiated this may be useful).
Assignment#6: WebDB
Week 7 UCLA  
Week 8 Nokia Research  presentation on  Mobile Traffic Sensing by Quinn Jacobson  
Week 8 Project Phase 1 Presentations  Here is the zip file of all the in-class project phase 1 presentations. Students presented their idea for the project, mid term goals, and final product. In addition they also presented estimated work effort and how the group plans to divide the  project. The Zip file is  password  protected  to safeguard the students' effort. This will be unlocked  once the final presentations are complete in May. If you need access to these presentations email me.  
Week 9 Spring Break  
Week 10 Yahoo Berkeley Research presentation on Zurfer, Zonetag, FIreEagle by Simon King